When an artist chooses to begin, they are alone.  They have the solitude required to create company. They stand in the empty space and survey the peace and shame of having nothing.  The mind, the page and the stage become private. Forbidden rooms.

In the Milky Way alone, it is hypothesised that there are probably 8.8. billion Earth-sized planets of reasonable temperature. Scientists have discovered 786 planets. Only one of these has the environmental capacity to host life. Our bodies cling to the colours of Earth. The entire universe surrounds us, tempting us. A space forbidden.

The Holy of Holies was a sacred room in the temple of Jerusalem. A perfect cube, cordoned off by a veil, it housed the Ark of the Covenant – representative of the presence of God. The high priest could enter once a year in atoning sacrifice, but the room, and God’s presence, were forbidden to the rest of mankind.

When Jesus died, the veil was torn in two.

The room is not forbidden anymore.

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