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Anna is a writer, based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She can be found on Facebook under @annaweir, and on Instagram and Twitter under @annamcgahan.

6 thoughts on “This Year

  1. I loved this! 🙂 it was SO beautiful, deep & honest, artistic & nuanced. SO good. and I really resonated with it too. can’t believe what talented, inspiring people are in my world that I get to call friends!

  2. My darling. You speak such truths and so beautifully written and touching. I click my fingers time and time again in that. Especially about finding home wherever you are. Amazing imagery. Awesome clip n music too.
    Wow… He had blessed you with such talent for words my dear. Hope this year is aligned with His desires for you. Splendid…just splendid!!!

  3. I want to download this as a music track and I want it to come up on my music playlist and surprise me and ground me for all the year. Thank you.

  4. My dear,
    That was so incredible. You are so wise An. It made me cry because of your beautiful humility. I am ready to live like that this year. ‘I shall not be in love, but love I might begin to understand’ woah!

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